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Flying Gifts

There’s something about taking to the skies which fascinates us, and with so many ways to enjoy the high life, a flying gift experience is a great gift idea.

Bungee Jumping

From only €74.00

If you know someone who enjoys a thrill, then a bungee jumping experience is a perfect gift idea. Being pinged through the air on a piece of elastic is certainly a gift to remember for years to come!


From only €340.00

This is not a gift idea for the faint hearted – plummeting through the sky at terminal velocity with the world unfolding beneath you is an unforgettable experience and one sure to get the heart racing.

Flying Lessons

From only €124.00

There’s no better way to see the countryside than from a plane, and if you know the kind of person who likes to be in the driving seat, then the chance to take the controls of a plane will be heaven.

Helicopter Pleasure Flights

From only €39.00

Helicopter Pleasure Flights