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Great Outdoors

The best way to make the most of the great outdoors is to get out and about doing something a little bit different. These gifts are perfect for anyone with a sense of fun and adventure.

Best sellers for Great Outdoors

Quad Sporting Package
Tackle the quads and get some shooting practice
Paintball Combat For Eight - Special Introductory Price
Put your teamwork and leadership skills to the test with team paintballing for eight

Great Outdoors subcategories

Multi-activity (11)

See all Multi-activity experiences from only €60.00

Why stick with one activity when you can have a go at several in one day? This are great ...


Paintballing (8)

See all Paintballing experiences from only €15.00

Shooting paint balls at people may sound like a kid’s game, but it certainly doesn’t feel ...


Adventure Packages (6)

See all Adventure Packages experiences from only €59.00

The countryside has plenty to offer in terms of adventure, action and fun and offering a ...

Adventure Packages

Archery (4)

See all Archery experiences from only €55.00

An archery gift experience is the perfect present for any budding bowmen and women out ...


Clay Pigeon Shooting (7)

See all Clay Pigeon Shooting experiences from only €32.00

There’s something satisfying about shooting – you take aim, brace yourself and when you ...

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Couples Adventure Day (2)

See all Couples Adventure Day experiences from only €99.00

If you know a couple who enjoy getting out and doing something different then this could ...

Couples Adventure Day

Falconry (4)

See all Falconry experiences from only €60.00

The ancient art of falconry offers the chance to get up close and personal with these ...


Fishing (2)

See all Fishing experiences from only €230.00

There’s nothing quite like sitting by the water, enjoying the scenery and waiting for the ...


Horse Riding (2)

See all Horse Riding experiences from only €65.00

There’s nothing like saddling up and taking off across the countryside on the back of a ...

Horse Riding

Hovercraft (3)

See all Hovercraft experiences from only €125.00

Somewhere between driving, flying and holding on for your life lies the fast and furious ...


Rock Climbing – Abseiling (3)

See all Rock Climbing – Abseiling experiences from only €60.00

If you know someone who would enjoy either climbing up a rock face or dangling off one, ...

Rock Climbing – Abseiling

Something Different (14)

See all Something Different experiences from only €25.00

The automotive industry might be working on safer, smoother and more efficient cars, but ...

Something Different